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The Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan (The Plan) is a funeral related expenses product which is offered by a subsidiary company of the Youpla Group.

Youpla Group has been providing funeral related expenses products for over 25 years. Youpla is the result of a rebrand of ACBF Group Holdings. This rebrand came about following the change in ownership in December 2018. The Youpla Group is now owned by proud Worimi man, Isaac Simon and existing CEO, Bryn Jones.

Youpla currently has over 17,000 members across Australia.

“Youpla to me is an empowering cultural message, founded upon trust, family and togetherness. Our claims process and how we support our members when a family member passes away is one of our must important, unique and valuable aspects of our business.” Isaac said.

Youpla’s aim is to provide culturally relevant funeral related expenses products that consider and support the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as they navigate ‘sad news or sorry business’.

To learn more about Youpla please visit: www.youpla.com.au

Our History

Since 1994, the Youpla Group, formerly known as ACBF Group Holdings, has been offering it services to the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan (The Plan) was established in 2005 by a subsidiary company of the Youpla Group.

The Youpla Group offers a range of funeral related expenses products that aim to assist with the costs associated with a funeral.

We take pride in taking the time to listen and answer the questions of members. When a claim is made, we make a payout as fast as possible – sometimes within 24 hours after receiving the documentation we require. One of our proudest achievements is that for 80% of the claims we have processed for our members, the amount we paid out was more than the person had actually paid in.

To learn more about the change in ownership please visit www.youpla.com.au

Why Choose Us?

From $3 Per Week

The Plan starts from as little as $6 per fortnight, depending on the age and health of the nominee

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For You, For Your Family

Named persons can include partners, children, or other relatives. Named persons over 18 must give their consent to be nominated.

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Immediate Funeral Related Expenses Benefit After Your First Payment*

We know how important this plan is to you and your family and therefore funeral related expenses benefit is available as soon as we receive the first payment.

*Conditions apply

Up to $20,000 Payout For Funeral Related Expenses

Our plan aims to pay as many funeral related expenses as possible, including headstones and plaques, travel and accommodation costs, wakes and repatriation.

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