Are you a Member of Fund 1 or Fund 2?


Are you a Plan Holder and Named Person under the Plan?

The purpose of your membership of Fund 1 or Fund 2 and your plan is to make a payout available for your funeral and related expenses.

As long as the membership or plan payments are up-to-date a payout will be made when that person passes away.

Yourself and family members may each have a different type of membership or plan, which means that there are some details and rules that may be different.

Please phone us if you may have forgotten some of these details and rules or if you:

  • are unsure of what type of membership or plan you have
  • would like a Customer Service Representative to explain the details and rules of your membership or plan
  • are unsure what payout amount is available for your membership or plan
  • need to check who in your family has a membership or plan
  • would like a new copy of your membership or plan paperwork
  • need to change your address or phone number or any other detail on your  membership or plan
  • have other family members who would like to apply for a plan

You should let your family, and the person you have chosen to be your payee, know that you have a membership or plan.  This is vital, so that if you do pass, your loved ones will know who to contact.

Your payee or family member will need to know to contact the ACBF Companies when a claim for your funeral and related expenses needs to be made.

The Payee is the person that we will need to speak with during the claim process and who will need to sign paperwork before a payout can be made.

We know a lot of people don’t like to think about funerals. By taking a few minutes now to review your membership or plan, you will be assisting your family with future funeral and related expenses.

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