Who Can Apply?

The Plan is open to persons who at the time an application is made, are under 70 years of age who have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The payment amount for each person you want cover for depends on:

• The benefit amount you chose
• Their age and health

The total fortnightly plan payment is based on the amount of funeral cover you choose for each person. Cover starts for everyone named on your plan once the first full plan payment is received by us *conditions apply. The cover is then available if one or all of these people pass away due to an accident, illness or suicide. In the case of more than one person under the plan passing, for example, caused by a car accident, a payout is available for each and every person covered by the Plan.

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Planning Ahead

When a member of your family passes away it can be difficult to meet funeral costs, especially if it is unexpected. The Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan (“the Plan”) can help you with the payment of these costs.

The Plan and related companies have been helping with funeral related expenses for over 25 years and have provided funeral plans for many thousands of Aboriginal people Australia wide.

The costs of funerals are only expected to rise over the coming years. All too often these costs have been passed onto loved ones or members of the community.
The Plan offers fast payouts ranging from $4,000 to $20,000. The payout is available by means of a group insurance policy at a time when it is needed most.