For over 20 years, we have been serving the Aboriginal community, helping them meet the unexpected expenses of funerals.  With the costs of funerals continuing to soar, we have been able to help many, many families.  We have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied families who have found us a very efficient and caring company to deal with.

We are represented within the Aboriginal Communities, as we have a dedicated team of sales and customer service specialists who work inside the communities, informing them of our products, helping them add nominees to their plans, helping to solve problems and issues and generally understanding our customers’ needs. Our role is help you with ‘sorry business’ and making sure you and your family are covered.

Our plan is designed to provide, and can only provide, funeral expenses to meet the whole or part of the costs incidental to a named person’s burial or cremation.  The plan has been designed to be affordable for you, with fortnightly premiums being paid by you to spare your loved ones from the financial strain which is associated with funerals.

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