ACBF Group Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 074 081 146 and its related companies are privately held. We are not an Aboriginal company. We are not owned, operated or associated with any governmental or similar body or any Aboriginal organisation.


The Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan (The Plan) is a funeral related expenses plan, which is being offered by the ACBF Funeral Plans Pty Ltd ACN 081 021 141 trading as the Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan ABN 93 081 021 141. The Plan is not a savings plan or a savings account. It is important that a Plan Holder considers their personal objectives, financial situation and needs before entering into The Plan or before the end of the 30-day Cooling-Off Period. After the 30-day Cooling-Off Period a refund may not be provided.


Please be advised that a Plan Holder may pay more than their nominated Benefit Amount(s). In order to continue as a Plan Holder, the payments must be maintained. If you miss four payments within one calendar year, your Plan may be cancelled. For further information about The Plan and its Rules please contact ACBF Group Holdings on 1800 622 924 or via email at customerservice@acbf.com.au.


Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry through our contact page here.

Glossary of Terms

Plan Holder

This is the person who takes out the funeral plan, either for themselves, or on behalf of others.


First Critical Contact (Payee)

This is the person who will contact us to inform us of the ‘sorry business’ and who will be our contact for arranging payment of funeral-related expenses.


Second Critical Contact (Disclosure)

This will be the person whom the plan holder wishes us to disclose information to.


Named person (Nominee)

This is the person who is covered for funeral and related expenses in the event of their passing


Benefit Amount

This is the amount which you are covered for in relation to funeral and related expenses.


Payment Frequency

This is the amount you will pay in order to keep your plan active, on a frequency of your choosing (fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually).
Please remember, that you are covered once your first full payment has been received.


Cooling Off Period

The ‘cooling off period’ is 30 days, with a money back guarantee.


Funeral and Related Expenses

We cover all funeral and related expenses; for example: Funeral Director’s accounts as well as Headstones and plaques, clothing for the family, travelling and accommodation costs, and wake costs.    The benefits can also be used to repatriate the body of a customer who has died in another state, and his family want him to be buried at home.



When a named person (nominee) passes away, a claim is made by calling our offices.  One of our customer service team will then help and guide the caller through the process, making it as easy and as painless as possible.

Glossary of Phrases

‘ Immediate cover after your first payment ‘

A maximum of $6,000 payout within the first 12 months/26 payments, thereafter returning to the chosen benefit amount (depending on the Nominee’s age and health).


‘ Fast payout, sometimes within 24 hours of notification of passing ‘

The payout process is subject to public holidays, claim approval, confirmation of funeral arrangements & receipt of documentation from third parties.


‘ Easy & accessible, from $4,000 to $20,000 cover for funeral related expenses, with payments starting from $3 a week ‘

This depends on the Nominee’s age, health and the amount of cover they selected.

Important Points to Remember About The Plan

  • The Plan is run by ACBF Funeral Plans Pty Ltd, which is a private company.
    We are not an Aboriginal company. We are not owned or operated by or associated with any governmental or similar body or any Aboriginal organisation.


  • The Plan is NOT an insurance product.
    It is a funeral related expenses plan.


  • The Plan is NOT a pre-paid funeral or savings plan
    There is no money “in your plan”. In return for the payments made, a payout will be available because of a group insurance policy obtained by the Plan from an insurer.


  • The Plan is designed to provide a payout to help pay funeral and related expenses only.
    This could include transportation, flowers, headstones or any other cost related to the funeral.


  • The whole of the payout amount you choose must be used for funeral and related expenses.


  • The Plan is available for as long as you want it.
    All you need to do is keep making your payments on the frequency you choose (fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually). Each payment made ensures that the payout amount is available for the applicable level of frequency.


  • Payment amounts increase when Named persons reach certain ages
    – and it is important that these increases are paid when they are due. These increases are set out on the back page of your Application form/s.


  • You can ask to cancel your plan at any time.
    When a plan is cancelled we will not give any money back and there will be no payout amount on your passing.


  • If you have missed making 4 or more payments in a calendar year, there will be no payout amount available.
    If this happens, a letter will be sent giving you 31 days to contact us.


  • After these 31 days, if you have not contacted us, another letter will be sent telling you that your plan has been cancelled.


  • When a plan is cancelled we will not give any money back and the payout amount will no longer be available.


  • If the information given to us about the age or health of a person was wrong or misleading, we can limit the payout amount and we may be entitled to treat the plan as if it never existed.


  • A payout amount will not be made available if a Named person passes away from suicide or intentional self-injury within twelve months after the date of commencing to be a Named person.
    In these circumstances the payments that had been made for that Named person will be refunded (up to an amount equal to but not more than the payout amount would have been).



If you are not sure about any of the information on this page, or if you would like to discuss the details of your plan further, please phone our Customer Services Team on 1800 622 924, as they will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions. Alternatively, you can email: customerservice@acbf.com.au.