On the sad news that a loved one has passed away, any family member can call Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan (ACFP) on 1800 622 924; once the caller has explained that they want to make a claim, they will be immediately put through to Helen.

Helen has been at ACFP for 18 years and has worked in the important claims department for over 10 years. She handles every single claim with care, understanding, sensitivity and empathy.  All that she will need are the details of the passing, such as their name, date of birth and the cause; in short, the official paperwork.

Once she has all the details, she will arrange to call back with the name of the person chosen as the payee.  The claim process is quick and easy; there is only one form to be signed.  Paperwork confirming passing is usually obtained from the Funeral Director, who will also provide us with a copy of their account.

Helen will then liaise with both the Payee and the Funeral Director, and arrange to make the payment of the account.  If she has received all the paperwork, she can sometimes finalise the claim within the day.  Typically, we would hope to settle the claim within 2-3 business days, but that depends on her receiving the necessary paperwork.  Helen makes the financial transfers directly to the Funeral Directors.  During the claim, we also pay for other funeral-related costs such as travel costs, wake costs, new clothes for family and headstones and plaques.

After all these bills have been paid, if there is any balance remaining, we hold on to these funds for a further 15 months whilst the Payee decides if there are any further funeral-related expenses. We will be there for you when sorry business comes calling; Helen will be your vital contact here at Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan.

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