We all make plans and have dreams for our family, but every now and then, life interrupts our dreams and our hopes. None of us want to be burdened with expensive cost, and we do not want financial worries to intrude on our grief or put our family in financial hardship. It is at times like this when we need a little bit of help. The Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan (ACFP) exists to help indigenous people to pay for their own funerals or for the funerals of their loved ones, when they pass away.  By taking out a funeral plan, you are making sure that the ones who are left behind are not left to pay for the cost of the funeral, which can sometimes be really high.

The payouts from Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan are used to pay the Funeral Director’s accounts and other related expenses, such as headstones and plaques, new clothing for family members, travelling costs, wake costs and where needed, repatriation costs.  Sadly, some people reach a stage in their lives when the pain of living is just too much to bear – meaning that they take their own life. We will cover for suicide or death caused by intentional self-injury 12 months after the start of the plan; few other companies offer this provision.

We have worked with the indigenous communities for around 25 years and whilst we remain a private family company, we have very close links with the original owners and custodians of the land on which we all live.  Our CEO, Bryn Jones, has taken some of the issues which face Aboriginal people to his own heart, and he has growing concerns about the inequalities which are so widespread today.

For example, as Bryn points out: ‘There is growing concern about Aboriginal deaths in custody, with a disproportionate number of indigenous youths being jailed. Also, I need to understand why Aboriginals make up only 3.5% of the Australian population, yet at the same time, represent a staggering 26% of the Australian jail population.  I want to work with the communities and see what we can do to help redress this imbalance.’

You will hear more from Bryn in the coming months on our blog.

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