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The Department of Human Services has successfully appealed the decision of Justice Logan to the Full Federal Court of Australia regarding our use of the Centrepay service. This means that from 17 February 2017, our customers will no longer be able to pay for their funeral insurance through Centrepay.

It is important to note that the Full Court decision is not a criticism of our company, or its business or products. The Full Court’s reasons do not criticise our behaviour in presenting and providing our products, and focuses purely on the interpretation of the law governing the administration of the Centrepay service by the Department of Human Services.

However, the sad result of this is that thousands of people will have their funeral cover cancelled and their peace of mind erased, simply because this government insists it can tell our indigenous Australians how they can spend their money and what should be important to them.

While we are bitterly disappointed at the outcome of the government’s appeal, we always have, and will continue to fight for the rights of our customers. Following Justice Logan’s decision, we were inundated with requests to restart payments for our products via Centrepay, as opposed to other methods of payment that do not match Centrepay’s ease and convenience and create further financial risks for customers. However, since the government’s appeal, we have been swamped with complaints by customers who have begun to experience the issues we had forecast to the government.

The objective of Centrepay is to assist Customers in managing expenses which are consistent with the purposes of their welfare payments, and reducing financial risk. Our funeral insurance products reduce financial risk by providing certainty of cover and a payout from the first payment – other products, like pre-paid funeral funds, require years of savings which may ultimately be futile in the event a customer passes away before saving enough for a funeral.

We are again very disappointed in the criticism of our business following the Full Court’s decision, and dismayed by the attitudes of interest groups purporting to represent the interests of our very own customers. We commenced proceedings in the Federal Court to preserve the rights of our plan holders/members – because if the government’s decision stood and our customers’ payments were cancelled, many of our plan holders and members would begin to lose their funeral cover. Unfortunately, as a result of the appeal, this is already happening.

Therefore, if you are or anyone you know is making fortnightly payments to us via Centrepay – please phone us immediately on 1800 622 924, and ensure your loved ones will be buried with dignity and respect.

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